an underdog story

SHIIIT! Those American Cyclist babes pumped it out! Go USA!!
— Samuel L. Jackson, Actor
Personal Gold Film Review by Sports Illustrated. Click to open

Personal Gold Film Review by Sports Illustrated. Click to open



Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (2016) - Official Trailer [HD]

They really held that race together with duct tape!
— Frank Marshall, Producer, Indiana Jones, Jurassic World

'Miracle meets moneyball'


PERSONAL GOLD - described by Reed Albergotti of the Wall Street Journal as 'Miracle meets Moneyball' gives a behind-the-scenes experience of four underdog women cyclists who become America's hope for a medal at the London Olympics after the men's team is banned during the Lance Armstrong drug scandal. 

The underfunded women turn to volunteers, including their husbands and an experiment using 'Data not Drugs' in an attempt to do the impossible; win the first U.S. Women's Track Cycling medal in over 20 years.

#PersonalGold #DataNotDrugs

Female Olympians Defy Expectations
— Indiewire

The vision of this film is to inspire individuals world-wide to have the courage to reach their 'Personal Gold'



Exec. Producer: Bill Gerber (Gran Torino)
Legal: Donaldson+Callif (20 Feet from Stardom)
Writer: James Lockard (Untouchable: Children of God)
Composer: Christian Davis (Hans Zimmer RC Studios)
FULL CAST & CREW (click here)

Documentary/Sports/Inspirational (2016). 88mins 


Adrenaline-pumping inspiration
You MUST see this!
— Christine D'Ercole, New York, NY

2014-2016 TOUR

July, 2016 United States Target U.S. Network Broadcast prior to RIO 2016, TBA Public
June, 2016 TBA TBA Public
May, 2016 Wroclaw, Poland Bike Days Bicycle Film Festival Public
April, 2016 TBA TBA Public
March 3-6, 2016 Boulder, CO 2016 Boulder International Film Festival +Olympian Q&A Public
February, 2016 Las Vegas, NV 2016 Olympic Reunion (Reunion 2016) Private
January, 2016 TBA TBA Public
November 15, 2015 Napa Valley, CA 2015 NAPA VALLEY FILM FEST- Ride/Food/Wine/Film +Olympian Q&A Public
November 12, 2015 Napa Valley, CA 2015 NAPA VALLEY FILM FEST- St. Helena Public
November 4-10, 2015 Santa Monica, CA 2015 AFM- AMERICAN FILM MARKET Private
September 26, 2015 Hollywood, CA 2015 HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL +Olympian Q&A Public
September 25, 2015 Hollywood, CA 2015 HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL @Arclight Cinemas Public
September 23-24, 2015 Richmond VA 2015 BFF- Bicycle Film Fest Richmond, VA +Olympian Q&A Public
July 10-12, 2015 Manchester, England 2015 MANIFF- BRITISH PREMIERE at AMC +Filmmaker Q&A Public
June 20, 2015 San Francisco, CA 2015 QUANTIFIED SELF Global Conference +Olympian Q&A Public
May 19th Seattle, WA 2015 SIFF- AMC Theaters +Olympian/Filmmaker Q&A Public
May 16, 2015 Seattle, WA 2015 SIFF- WORLD PREMIERE +Olympian/Filmmaker Q&A Public
May 7, 2015 Bentonville, AK 2015 BFF- Gina Davis Bentonville Film Festival +Filmmaker Q&A Public
May 2, 2015 Santa Ynez, CA WCA/ 2015 Amgen Women's Tour of California +Olympian Q&A Private
April 24, 2015 Newport Beach, CA 2015 Newport Beach Film Fest +Olympian Q&A Private
April 11, 2015 Seattle, WA Kirkland Performance Center +Olympic Medalists Q&A Private
March 15, 2015 SLO, CA 2015 San Luis Obispo International Film Fest +Filmmaker Q&A Public
March 8, 2015 Sun Valley, ID 2015 Sun Valley International Film Festival +Filmmaker Q&A Public
February 28, 2015 Scottsdale, AZ Harkins Theaters- Private Event +Q&A Private
February 26, 2015 San Jose, CA IMAX @ The Tech Museum of Innovation +Olympian Q&A Private
February 8-16 2015 Missoula, MT 2015 Blue Sky Film Festival +Filmmaker Q&A Private
January 24, 2015 Rosarito, Mexico More than Sport/Homes for Hope +Olympic Medalist Q&A Private
January, 2015 Las Vegas, NV 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (Live demo w/Medalist) Private
December 4, 2014 La Costa, CA 2015 SEALFIT Conference +Olympic Medalist Q&A Private
November 16, 2014 New York, NY Helen Mills Theater- New York +Q&A Private
November 13, 2014 Houston, TX River Oaks Theater hosted by ATOMIC +Q&A Private
November 3, 2014 Palo Alto, CA Palo Alto- Brien Shamp Children's Bootcamps +Q&A Private
October 13, 2014 Dana Point, CA 2015 Verizon Life Science Healthcare Summit+Q&A Private
September 9, 2014 Las Vegas, NV AT&T Private- Las Vegas +Q&A Private
September 8, 2014 San Francisco, CA Delancy Theaters- Bay Area Healthtech +Q&A Private
August 9, 2014 Seattle, WA Jennie Reed Foundation for Olympic Hopefuls +Q&A Private
July 25, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA Bausch CEO Annual Retreat +Q&A Private
July 21, 2014 San Francisco, CA Bay Area Innovators/Quantified Self +Q&A Private
June 23, 2014 Pasadena, CA 2015 US Olympic Committee Olympic Day +Q&A Private
June 16, 2014 La Jolla, CA Qualcomm +Dr Eric Topol & Olympic Medalist Q&A Private
June 10, 2014 Newport Beach, CA Connie Cycling Foundation +Q&A Private
May 31, 2014 Cambridge, MA Harvard University Alumni +Q&A Private
May 16, 2014 Hollywood, CA US Olympic Alumni +Olympic Medalist Q&A Private
March 8, 2014 Hollywood, CA Academy Linwood Dunn +Olympic Medalist Q&A Private


‘Miracle meets Moneyball’
— Reed Albergotti, Wall Street Journal
They really held that race together with duct tape!
— Frank Marshall, Producer, Indiana Jones & Jurassic World
SHIIIT! Those American Cyclist babes pumped it out! Go USA!!
— Samuel L. Jackson, Actor
The verdict: A documentary worthy of the Olympic glory it captures.
— Joe Veyera of The Daily
The golden era of U.S. cycling looked like it had been a fake. Maybe, though, Hammer, Reed, Bausch, and Tamayo had found a silver lining, a route back for USA Cycling, and perhaps other sports too. Personal Gold offers a chance to see what an amateur but high-tech and fair approach could look like.
— Tom Taylor, Sports Illustrated
Personal Gold is more than a must-see Olympic story – it’s a film that expertly explores the intersection of sports, science and ingenuity. For these women, Quantified Self techniques meant the difference between standing on the side lines and standing atop a podium.”
— Gary Wolf, Wired
The new documentary.. Personal Gold, tells this amazing story in much more detail
— Bernard Marr, Forbes
Loudest applause in a movie theater I have ever heard!!
— Mary-Lynne Williams, Mobile Design Lead, Microsoft
Personal Gold is a riveting watch. It was heart-warming to see the dedication of each of the people involved, despite the lack of government help, in achieving the medal.
— Subhadra Devan, Malaysian Insider
You can buy a lot of things, but you can’t buy heart- ‘Personal Gold’ is by far the best documentary that I’ve seen in quite some time!
— Joan Dietchman, Race Across America compeitior
Adrenaline pumping inspiration, You MUST see this!
— Christine D'Ercole, New York
One of the best underdog films since Rocky!
— Personal Gold Audience Member
This is pure women’s empowerment
— Jill Schiller, Chicago, IL
Couldn’t be more proud and inspired in my whole life!!!!
Go USA and women athletes everywhere!
— Meghan Smith, Seattle WA
The inspiration feels genuine and hard-won, and it offers a fascinating peek at modern technology’s role in helping athletes achieve personal bests without performance-enhancing drugs
— The Sunbreak
We felt their blood, sweat, tears
— Ron Skarin, Olympian '72 '76
These are REAL role models
— Martin Galbut, Partner Galbut & Galbut Attorneys
An extraordinary documentary
— Rick Scott, Press Agent, Hollywood, CA
A must-see for anyone motivated to improve with lessons about ‘Data not Doping’
— Dick Fosbury, Olympian, Innovator 'Fosbury Flop'
Personal Gold is a hugely satisfying, if formulaic, underdog story with charm and tears to spare. It’s very entertaining, quick and triumphant, and full of positivity in the most attractive way possible.
— Film Intel UK
Literally the best documentary I’ve ever seen. Even better than Hoop Dreams.
— Tony Stubblebine, Founder, Lift
Great interval training run today-didn’t give up thx to #personalgold!
— Pamela Powell, Reel Honest Reviews
Seeing what they were up against, You realize ANYTHING is possible
— Doug Winters, San Diego, CA
I left inspired and yearning more to improve my own performance
— Anna Warble, Founder Phoenix Spokespeople
Extreme underdogs, extreme biometrics..extreme Yankee ingenuity. Your heart would have to be made of Silly Putty not to beat faster.
— Barley Blair, The Stranger
One of the best cycling films ever made.
— Bek Maples, Editor in Chief, SLOCyclist

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