'Miracle meets moneyball'


PERSONAL GOLD - Sure to inspire a future generation, this heartwarming story shows how the women of the U.S. Olympic Track Cycling Team pulled together support from their husbands, families, and innovative small businesses to beat all odds.

In a journey beset with budget shortfalls and the near-impossible feat of improving over six seconds in a sport determined by fractions of a second, the girls won a record number of medals in this post-recession 2012 London Olympic Games.

#PersonalGold #DataNotDrugs


Director: Tamara Jenkins (Olympic Athlete)
Producer: Sky Christopherson (Olympic Athlete)
Legal: Donaldson+Callif (20 Feet from Stardom)
Writer: James Lockard (Untouchable: Children of God)
Composer: Christian Davis (Hans Zimmer RC Studios)
Sales Agent: Ellen Pittleman (Hybrid Media)
Distributer: Quiver, Canopy, CineSky

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Documentary/Sports/Inspirational (2016) 90mins



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