The Bad News Bears meets Miracle meets Moneyball
— Reed Albergotti, Wall Street Journal
SHIIIT! Those American Cyclist babes pumped it out! Go USA!!
— Samuel L. Jackson, Actor
They really held that race together with duct tape!
— Frank Marshall, Producer, Indiana Jones & Jurassic World
The golden era of U.S. cycling looked like it had been a fake. Maybe, though, Hammer, Reed, Bausch, and Tamayo had found a silver lining, a route back for USA Cycling, and perhaps other sports too. Personal Gold offers a chance to see what an amateur but high-tech and fair approach could look like.
— Tom Taylor, Sports Illustrated
Personal Gold is more than a must-see Olympic story – it’s a film that expertly explores the intersection of sports, science and ingenuity. For these women, Quantified Self techniques meant the difference between standing on the side lines and standing atop a podium.”
— Gary Wolf, Wired
The new documentary.. Personal Gold, tells this amazing story in much more detail
— Bernard Marr, Forbes
A very detailed behind-the-scenes sports story
— The Hollywood Reporter
Loudest applause in a movie theater I have ever heard!!
— Mary-Lynne Williams, Mobile Design Lead, Microsoft
The verdict: A documentary worthy of the Olympic glory it captures.
— Joe Veyera of The Daily
You can buy a lot of things, but you can’t buy heart- ‘Personal Gold’ is by far the best documentary that I’ve seen in quite some time!
— Joan Dietchman, Race Across America compeitior
Adrenaline pumping inspiration, You MUST see this!
— Christine D'Ercole, New York
One of the best underdog films since Rocky!
— Personal Gold Audience Member
This is pure women’s empowerment
— Jill Schiller, Chicago, IL
Personal Gold is a riveting watch. It was heart-warming to see the dedication of each of the people involved, despite the lack of government help, in achieving the medal.
— Subhadra Devan, Malaysian Insider
Couldn’t be more proud and inspired in my whole life!!!!
Go USA and women athletes everywhere!
— Meghan Smith, Seattle WA
The inspiration feels genuine and hard-won, and it offers a fascinating peek at modern technology’s role in helping athletes achieve personal bests without performance-enhancing drugs
— The Sunbreak
We felt their blood, sweat, tears
— Ron Skarin, Olympian '72 '76
These are REAL role models
— Martin Galbut, Partner Galbut & Galbut Attorneys
An extraordinary documentary
— Rick Scott, Press Agent, Hollywood, CA
A must-see for anyone motivated to improve with lessons about ‘Data not Doping’
— Dick Fosbury, Olympian, Innovator 'Fosbury Flop'
Personal Gold is a hugely satisfying, if formulaic, underdog story with charm and tears to spare. It’s very entertaining, quick and triumphant, and full of positivity in the most attractive way possible.
— Film Intel UK
Literally the best documentary I’ve ever seen. Even better than Hoop Dreams.
— Tony Stubblebine, Founder, Lift
Great interval training run today-didn’t give up thx to #personalgold!
— Pamela Powell, Reel Honest Reviews
Seeing what they were up against, You realize ANYTHING is possible
— Doug Winters, San Diego, CA
I left inspired and yearning more to improve my own performance
— Anna Warble, Founder Phoenix Spokespeople
Extreme underdogs, extreme biometrics..extreme Yankee ingenuity. Your heart would have to be made of Silly Putty not to beat faster.
— Barley Blair, The Stranger
One of the best cycling films ever made.
— Bek Maples, Editor in Chief, SLOCyclist

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